C#, or C sharp, is a modern language created by Microsoft as part of its .NET platform of languages. .NET is a layer of software that makes it easier for you to write programs that can communicate with the operating system (in this case, Windows).

C# and C++

As the name implies, C sharp has its roots in C++, but over three versions, it has evolved its own techniques and elements that make it distinct. Most important, C sharp has the backing of the .NET Framework behind it. With this language you can write applications to manage your company’s inventory, such as interacting with a database. You can write applications to analyze documents; you can write games; you can create an entire operating system in C# if you have a mind to. The .NET Framework allows C sharp to operate seamlessly with Windows, and take advantage of the familiar Windows features that users all over the world already know. You can also create C sharp applications that you can use on the Web, in much the same way.